Saturday, May 30, 2020
  Envelopes qualifying as “recyclable” are made with paper and have no attachments which prevent them from being entered into conventional recycling programs. An envelope can only be marked as recyclable if it can be collected, separated or otherwise recovered from the solid waste stream for reuse in the manufacture of another product through an established recycling program. For envelopes that are made of both recyclable and non-recyclable components, the recyclable claim should be adequately qualified to avoid consumer deception about which portions or components of the product of package are recyclable.

Customers buying recyclable paper envelopes are assured that the paper used in the manufacture of these envelopes meets the recyclable claims attributed to the paper. Customers wishing to demonstrate this outwardly can opt to have the Recyclable logo printed on each envelope.

Envelopes manufactured utilizing only paper are more easily entered into conventional recycling programs. This helps reduce landfill use and causes the fiber to be given new life as another product. Some of the benefits of using recycled fiber include: reduced tree harvesting and water conservation, as well as a reduction in energy use, greenhouse gases, and pollution.


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