Saturday, September 24, 2022


  We are committed to operating all aspects of our business in a manner which minimizes our negative impact on the environment and creates a positive benefit for our customers, our employees, and future generations. By being responsible corporate citizens, our company will help make a difference for us all. Certified product claims are audited regularly and verified in an annual audit.

As the public’s attention and concern expands and intensifies regarding the state of the environment, many companies want to demonstrate that they are utilizing products which have a reduced impact on the ecosystem. Bel-Fast has the solution with certified products bearing marks that evidence their environmental characteristics.

We look forward to assisting our customers in the promotion of their environmental platforms through our certified productions and earth-friendly materials programs. We have many options for you to build the perfect eco-friendly envelope which fits into your environmental platform and makes the positive impact you desire on your customers.

Thank you for joining us in helping to preserve our world for future generations.

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