Saturday, September 24, 2022


  An integral part of our business, apart from our team, is our equipment. Our envelopes are produced on equipment which is continually maintained and up-graded on a regular basis.

Envelope Printing Equipment:
* Halm 4 Color Jet
* Halm Super Jet Plus XL
* Halm Super jet
* Halm Small jet
* AB Dick9880
* AB Dick 360
* Ryobi
* 2 Multilith with numbering units

Pre- and Post-Press Equipment:
* Direct to Metal Plate System
* CTP Film and Polyester Plate System
* Midi Water Purifying System for perfect PH
* MBO Folder
* Polar Knife 40”
* Challenge Hole Punch
* Damark Shrink Wrap
* Rosback Perforator & Scorer


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